Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Many Earth Blessings

Things came to life rather quickly, and we believed we had more time then we did to attack the situations going on around us. We thought we had time to put in 7 raised beds, extend the front walk garden by 4', build a bee hive and a new chicken coop for meat birds.

However, only 3 of the 7 beds got done and we're too broke to finish the other 4 this year. The bee hive got done, but no bees. The front walk will have to wait a bit and the new portable coop will happen when we collect enough freebies to make it be.

The good news is, everything has woken up. After the past 3 years of planting, building and loving the earth we are so grateful for, we finally are enjoying the fruits of our labor. We've poured blood, sweat and tears into every foot of our gardens and home. This year we get to see a huge amount of grapes developing on our vine, tons of pears, peaches and even a few apples on the trees. The raspberries are thick and flowering. The strawberries are heavy with flowers & fruit, more then I've ever seen. Perennials I've planted over the years are finally getting full of more buds then ever as well.

So I wanted to share this.... here are our Bearded Irises. These gorgeous blooms were sent to me 2 1/2 years ago... with no return address on the box. I have no idea who sent them, but the note said "unknown colors". Last year, I got 2 to bloom... one purple, one yellow. This year I have all of them blooming and we have 2 different purples, 2 different yellows, a white and a mauve. One looks about ready to open and is either a dark yellow or an orange. The diversity and placement by the pond, is just an amazing spring site!

Just to add to all the wonderment... I attempted my first cutting last year. I got a piece of our grape vine to take root, and I transplanted it in the fall. I almost gave up hope... but now it is going STRONG! A couple more years and a second harvest of grapes looks possible.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Now Let There Be Bees

The top bar hive is finished, and hubby is so proud. Now if only some bees would move in... I'm craving honey!

It's been painted in white on the legs and roof with metal flashing on top. The rest of the hive is untreated pine oiled with orange oil, linseed oil and bees wax to hold up to weathering and attract some bees.