Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Wonderful Online Blog Giveaway!

...and a wonderful blog as well! You know my chicken loving obsession... makes my garden grow.

So here is a great blog where you can enter for a chance to win a chicken filled goody basket of your own. Now you CAN have chickens.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Free Seeds, Bareroot Plants & Cutting From the USDA

These are completely free for you to have, just do a common name search... find the plant you want and if its available add to "germplasm" order. Once you get an entire list of as many as you want fill in the shipping info.

Remember, they want people who will 'TEST' these out for them for universities... the USDA themselves... and other companies. Most of the seeds or plants will come with a questionaire you can fill out AFTER they grow.

Also, don't forget... order extra for next year... just save them in a dry cool place and they should germinate well for you.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Melon...Melon... Melon

Well, for now its just watermelon... but cantaloupe are coming in right around the corner. So I should have some orangey fleshed sweets soon too. For now here is the melon in the garden... and its only a few days from being ready to pick... I hope!

Update: We harvested the biggest one on Saturday and it was PERFECT! Super juicey, to die for sweet... it wasn't huge as watermelons go, but it was a good variety for a quick harvest. Crimson Sweet is the kind we did, and it was worth it. Our decision to harvest was based on 2 things. The bottom of the watermelon was a yellow/white and the stripes were faded, that was sign one it was ready... and I also did the knocking on it method. If hollow its ready! I was told to see if the 'tendril' was browning and shriveling up as a way to see its ready... however a lot of the time that doesn't even start happening until the melon is OVER ripe.

So here's the melon before we devoured it!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Ok, so I've got some photos, but I've been too lazy to edit them and upload them. I will this afternoon while the little one is taking a nap though. She's sick, and we're potty training so time in NOT on my side.

I did work out in the garden a bit last night after my Yoga class. Its nice and cool around the 8 o'clock hour, the perfect time to get some last minute stuff done down in the jungle.

I ripped out 90% of my done corn stalks, the few I left had my green beans growing up them. Still no green beans!!!??? Driving me nutz... I need green beans!!!!

There was 8 eggplants going at last count, my daughter is trying so hard to let me let her pick them... but they are soooooo far from done still! These glossy little fruits range from the size of my thumb to almost my fist. Problem is, I know I have to harvest them while they are still shiney purple, but how big do these things have to be to harvest? I can't wait for grilled eggplant!

What else, what else... oh... I'm also starting a quilt I got a pattern for yesterday. Started cutting and collecting fabric the other day to do this. I have 4 tiny pieces already together and I'm starting to get confused, its a complicated pattern. I would have started with some simple, but you know me... I like things with lots of FLARE!!!! :D

Monday, July 20, 2009

Been Away Too Long!

Wow... I've been so overly busy around here, and been away quite a bit already this summer. The time I've had I've used to either play on facebook (which you can view this blog through my facebook page now), or I've been outside in the garden with my daughter and our chickens.

Now, we've had a mole issue I've been fighting and LOSING lately. Thank goodness for snakes and cats. There just happen to be more moles then snakes or cats though. Yesterday I found a snake in a mole tunnel hanging out by my watermelon patch... I think it either ate the mole, or was planning on it when the mole returned. So I just got as far from where the snake was as possible. I have seen my neighbors cats running through the yard with a mole in their mouths as well, so there is something positive to all the outside furballs running around.

We're expecting storms again today (lots of those lately too) but if it holds off I'm going to take some pictures of the wreck that is my garden. It looks bad, and jungly... but things are growing and we're eating good lately!

Potatoes are long done... we even ate them all already. Corn is done too! I'm going to do a second round of both here soon. Cucumbers ended up dying of Downy Mildew... I'm trying to control it on my canteloupes now. I still have the blight under control on my tomatoes... you'll see the 100's and 100's of green tomatoes I have going when I get a photo.

Don't worry... I need to log all this stuff ASAP so I can look back at my good and bad planting decisions next year... so I will be back!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Little Princess

I haven't sewed in so long, it was making me think I had forgotten how again! I forgot how the first time!!! LOL

Anyways, I took a few hours to make my daughter her own princess dress she's been asking for. A good friend, (thanks Donna) gave me lots of left over fabrics she's had so I could get back to sewing, practice and do little things for myself since I haven't painted in so many years.

I was doing baby quilts but wanted to be able to do something for my daughter and so I created her her very own dress up princess dress. I think I went a little over board, but I'm shocked it only took a couple hours total.

The little princess:

Monday, July 6, 2009


I decided my potatoes needed to come up. They were planted back in March and honestly should have been done and harvested several weeks ago... but maybe its because I cut 'eyes' off of store bought potatoes to plant they didn't work the best.

Anyways, I did manage to harvest 2.5 lbs of potatoes out of 5 gallon pot. That is really not bad... they are just small potatoes, and they are also consider NEW potatoes so we have to eat them right away and they can't be stored.

Not bad for only planting 2 seeds from 1 store bought russet potato. I will plant my next round of potatoes for fall in August.

A New Project Table

I started pulling wood from under the deck (we keep LOTS of scraps from everything we do around here). I had several 4x4s and a couple 2x4s... and some brandnew 1x2s I need to actually treat before use.

I am planning on building a garden table, one where I can keep my gloves, and clean veggies right there after picking. I want to run a water line out to the garden area under the ground and everything.

However, the table must be built first!!!

So for today, I am searching craigslist for a free kitchen sink. Wish me luck!!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Its been rough... Mid-Summer

Is this season over yet?! What! It just started?! ARGH! It feels over...

Well, things have been rough and without sharing too much information lets cover a few major issues. First, I had a fantastic 2 day vacation in Wilmington NC. We stayed at that lovely Bed & Breakfast I posted about earlier last month. It was the Taylor House Inn. The food was fabulous, the people were friendly and we were in walking distance of everything in downtown!! We hit a few restraunts, a club, a couple galleries... walked the river walk peir and then eventually drove the 15 minutes to wrightsville beach. Wonderful weekend, and I DEFINITELY need to do that again ASAP!!!!!!

Now, I'm home. Its been emotionally trying since we got home. There was an accident involving my family and its caused a lot of pain, we'll leave that at that.

I just had a talk with someone from the agricultural department who came out to my garden yesterday... My 1 cucumber plant has contracted the FIRST reported case of Downy Mildew in my county. Oh yes... the 1st!!! My neighbor who has canteloupes, squash and cucumbers has none! What kind did I plant? Straight 8 cucumber, one of the more suseptible varieties to the disease. Go figure right?! I'm still trying to bring back my tomatoes from the earlier blight we contracted. My less then 200 sq ft garden is HATING life as we know it. At least I have a few dozen cukes from it to make it worth all the effort in the first place.

Lastly, (yes there is more) since my last post I attempted to mow my lawn. Now, how bad can mowing the lawn be?! First, I have an acre... second... I have a pond... thirdly, my mower is a riding one and it VERY old. Ok... so my breaks went out and I had to take a flying leap off of it because I was only a moment away from joining the mower for a swim. We managed to get the mower out, but I lost a lot of skin grabbing the tree branch above me to get off the mower in time. So while I'm healing I'm going to take a break from mowing or gardening. My weeding hand is way too damaged for right now.

Here's a picture to keep you entertained until I get some garden photos up again soon. LAUGH ON!!!