Monday, July 20, 2009

Been Away Too Long!

Wow... I've been so overly busy around here, and been away quite a bit already this summer. The time I've had I've used to either play on facebook (which you can view this blog through my facebook page now), or I've been outside in the garden with my daughter and our chickens.

Now, we've had a mole issue I've been fighting and LOSING lately. Thank goodness for snakes and cats. There just happen to be more moles then snakes or cats though. Yesterday I found a snake in a mole tunnel hanging out by my watermelon patch... I think it either ate the mole, or was planning on it when the mole returned. So I just got as far from where the snake was as possible. I have seen my neighbors cats running through the yard with a mole in their mouths as well, so there is something positive to all the outside furballs running around.

We're expecting storms again today (lots of those lately too) but if it holds off I'm going to take some pictures of the wreck that is my garden. It looks bad, and jungly... but things are growing and we're eating good lately!

Potatoes are long done... we even ate them all already. Corn is done too! I'm going to do a second round of both here soon. Cucumbers ended up dying of Downy Mildew... I'm trying to control it on my canteloupes now. I still have the blight under control on my tomatoes... you'll see the 100's and 100's of green tomatoes I have going when I get a photo.

Don't worry... I need to log all this stuff ASAP so I can look back at my good and bad planting decisions next year... so I will be back!


  1. Hey BiscottiQueen - It's "imstuffed" from BakeSpace. Good luck with the moles and your second planting :)

  2. We are batteling cucumber beatles right now. They have completely wiped out my squash and zucchini plants and are now working on the pumpkins. I think next year I will be planting in those upside down hanging planters. I read somewhere that you get less pests and diseses when the plants are hanging.

  3. Well Mamma... I've heard a lot of complaints about cucumber beatles this year. We've seen a couple, hand squished some but let the chickens in the garden and they left most of the food alone and went for bugs! THEN I find out birds are nesting in my tomato plants and are eating stink bugs, and japanese beatles off the plants! I think that happened because we planted lots of native cone plants, blanket flower and other things that attract the good insects as well as the good birds! These birds are getting at least 2 feeders in the yard this winter for all their help this summer.