Saturday, July 25, 2009

Melon...Melon... Melon

Well, for now its just watermelon... but cantaloupe are coming in right around the corner. So I should have some orangey fleshed sweets soon too. For now here is the melon in the garden... and its only a few days from being ready to pick... I hope!

Update: We harvested the biggest one on Saturday and it was PERFECT! Super juicey, to die for sweet... it wasn't huge as watermelons go, but it was a good variety for a quick harvest. Crimson Sweet is the kind we did, and it was worth it. Our decision to harvest was based on 2 things. The bottom of the watermelon was a yellow/white and the stripes were faded, that was sign one it was ready... and I also did the knocking on it method. If hollow its ready! I was told to see if the 'tendril' was browning and shriveling up as a way to see its ready... however a lot of the time that doesn't even start happening until the melon is OVER ripe.

So here's the melon before we devoured it!


  1. beautiful watermelon!! Ive never been successful with watermelon. I think its just too hot in SoCal

  2. I would think So Cal would be perfect! Watermelon needs long hot days... and it needs a LONG growing season. Some more then 100 days to ripen on the vine?! I know a lot of people up north are limited in the varieties they can grow. This variety is about 80-85 days to maturity.

  3. That's so beautiful and great to be able to eat a freshly picked watermelon.
    I envy you indeed.