Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Wonderful Weekly Harvest WEIGH-IN!

To be so lucky to know so many good gardeners across the country (Thank to The Easy Garden and the clan), one started up a more broad harvest weigh-in where we can all stay connected via our blogs. Please feel free to join, only 4 days left to get your blog in on it here.

I may not be constant on this, mainly because I totally flaked last year trying to track my harvest and costs. I really wanted to know if I was coming out on top with saving money for all the time I put into my garden. Though I did quit early on, mid-July-ish, I was already in the black by that point and didn't really invest anything into my garden after that point. This year I did spend a couple hundred dollars on putting in new raised beds, and filling them. I also bought quite a few prestarted plants this year (I know, against the whole from seed way), but I had way more space that was empty and the winds and storms in April and May destroyed quite a bit of what I already had out.

So from here on I'll be posting a bit on what we've already picked and brought in from our gardens. This week, since I haven't weighed in I will for sure take photos of the gardens, what I've brought in and what I've already canned to put up for the year. So stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Best Wedding Blog / Magazine Feature

We've been busy here in the kitchen (and the garden for that matter) but that is no reason to neglect my blog!

I've come to post tonight because I want to share a recent feature we were lucky enough to be included it. It was a wonderful experience with many talented people & other great creative vendors all over the country. The Best Wedding Sites Magazine was kind enough to include Fogl's Kitchen in their summer magazine wedding themes addition. We'd love for you to go visit the magazine, maybe even purchase a print copy... it is slam packed with creative wedding ideas and themes (some fabulous ones that could even work well for birthday's or an afternoon with friends).

You'll see our Lemon Biscotti on page 37 in the tea party theme!


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Curing Onions

Well, spring is over enough that its been full on 90's for what feels like WEEKS now! In all the heat my onions stopped growing and just flopped over. Most were starting to brown, and some were so large that the flopped over top were pulling them right out of the ground!

So I got a decent harvest, not as well as one would have hoped.

You can see some stayed tiny, but formed little round bulbs and are no bigger then a shallot. I should have planted shallots in October, I really wish I would have. But I have a good 10-15 tiny onions that size and they will have to do.

Here's I cut the tops and tails off, rather then braid them to cure. I place them on a screen for good air circulation and in a matter of weeks we'll have some nicely cured onions for the rest of the year. (Though I'm fairly sure they'll be all used up and gone by October when I will TRY to plant 2-3x as many for 2012.)

Next week or the week of the 20th, I will be harvesting and doing the same with the garlic. Mmmm....