Thursday, June 2, 2011

Curing Onions

Well, spring is over enough that its been full on 90's for what feels like WEEKS now! In all the heat my onions stopped growing and just flopped over. Most were starting to brown, and some were so large that the flopped over top were pulling them right out of the ground!

So I got a decent harvest, not as well as one would have hoped.

You can see some stayed tiny, but formed little round bulbs and are no bigger then a shallot. I should have planted shallots in October, I really wish I would have. But I have a good 10-15 tiny onions that size and they will have to do.

Here's I cut the tops and tails off, rather then braid them to cure. I place them on a screen for good air circulation and in a matter of weeks we'll have some nicely cured onions for the rest of the year. (Though I'm fairly sure they'll be all used up and gone by October when I will TRY to plant 2-3x as many for 2012.)

Next week or the week of the 20th, I will be harvesting and doing the same with the garlic. Mmmm....

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