Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What September Brings

You all of course know this is the season of ripe apples and digging up potatoes. Lots of things ripening now, as we clear out our gardens for the few fall crops left. Or for some, everything is done and we dream of spring. While most things are fading one of my favorites are just sprouting up for a short visit. This is when our Saffron Crocus come up for fall, and I get to start harvesting the spice I can't afford to buy. This year my amount of bulbs are now double the flowers... so I'm very pleased to see how much I will get this year. I may have enough for 2 or 3 recipes that call for saffron this winter. Enough I could probably invite company to share with! :)

Now back to the ripening of apples?! OH YES! They're going to be bushels at amazing prices showing up everywhere. I recently saw a listing for local apples $0.85 lb! Enough to make you want to buy them up and come home and can them! Make apple butter... jam... jelly... pie filling... you'd have apples for months and months! The hard part... how to do all that?

The Easy Answer...


On location, at your home, your church or a friend's kitchen we'll come to you and teach our 2 hour personalized jam class. You'll learn all the basics of jam making, learn about all the required equipment, even learn how to can them to last for future gifts.

** Available times includes nights, mornings, afternoons.... Sunday thru Saturday!

**No up front equipment purchase needed, we bring all our own to teach you so you are 100% positive you want to continue doing this before you invest.

**2 Hour class includes printed hand our notes for you to review after the class has ended and you are on your own. We even give you recipes to try from home.

**We set up and clean up so all you and your friends have to do it have fun.

Minimum group rates apply & discounts for larger groups available!

Initial consultation on your group's needs is FREE! We cater to Wake/Harnett/Johnston Co area. Just drop me a note and I'll give you our contact information.

This is quite popular for Bridal Events, Church functions & Mom's day out groups.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Autumn Update

It's been a rough summer this year. I ended up very sick for most of it, and since my immune system was so weak, I got sick again and have just begun recovering from that.

I did manage to get caught up on my garden some this past couple of weeks. Mainly just cleaning out weeds, and dead plants that didn't pull through my neglect. I did manage to get some things planted this week, cool season crops like lettuce, endive, cabbage, carrots & spinach. I have some brussel sprouts still going from spring that never made any sprouts. I did find they are finally starting to develop now. So happy to see now everything died without my vigolant care.

This weekend I'm making room for some garlic. I won't have as much as I did last year, but something is better then nothing.

Here are some pictures so you can see how everything has managed for the time being. I'm hoping to get some blog posts together about chickens, ducks and composting to have to share with you this fall... so don't stop following the blog! :)