Friday, October 30, 2009

Not CUTTING Corners

Because doing cuttings aren't always easy. I'm trying to root some cuttings from the yard this fall. I would like to add more trees, bushes and vines... but who wants to pay nurseries for these plants over and over again when the plants I have will supply me with more?! Not to mention, I have a great neighbor who let me snip some of his plants for more cuttings to try.

So what am I trying? Some Lacecap Hydrenga in purple, a Georgia peach tree, Raspberry and Lantana.

I was giving a great idea (Thanks Joe) to create little humidity tents to try to help them to force root. We want some strong plants and they really need the heat to take.

This is my FIRST attempt as rooting, so I added a little hormone powder to help this along (I'm using the "Take Root" brand).

Wish me luck, this may not work at all!!!


Monday, October 26, 2009

Yet... there is autumn in the southern states

I sat by our pond the other day to feed the ducks with dear daughter... its really looking and feeling like fall finally!

Dreary Cold Autumn Days

Since my garlic and onions arrived its been rainy and cold. Yesterday was a bit of drizzle but just cold and dark all day. Today is partly cloudy, but still cold. I was so impatient I went ahead and got bundled up with my little munchkin and off we went to the garden bed to get our garlic and onions in the ground. I got the whole 1lb of garlic in and about 50 onion bulbs out of the 100 so far.

My day was brightened when my husband came to help and found several of our Ducks eggs randomly around the pond. They were all recent enough that we now have several duck eggs to eat for breakfast this week. We also found about 10 ripe strawberries out in the berry bed. How many of you are still picking strawberries at the end of October?

So today, I will brave the cold with the little one once again and try to get at least 20 more onions in the ground.

Here's some good knowledge for you to have... Onions and Strawberries grow well together if you ever want to mix some onions into your strawberry beds. I did!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Onions and Garlic

When is the best time to plant these, Spring, Summer? NO, Fall! That's right, October is the Ideal month for northern climates, and Even October through January in Southern climates with mild winters. In the north you can cover your beds with a few inches of mulch or straw to save them from freezing. Definitely check with who you are ordering your onions from though, some only do well in the north while others only do well in the south.

Look into popular onion types like Walla Walla, Yellow Spanish or Vidalia. The most common ones are Red, Yellow and White... those are easiest to find.

There are also MANY types of garlic to chose from. Again, check which ones are best for your climate. They are seperated into groups such as soft neck and hard neck varieties. There is also Elephant garlic, which isn't really garlic but related to Leeks. They do grow like, look like and taste like a milder garlic. (This is what I am planting for my garlic bed this fall.)

Here are my bulbs that came today and will go into their beds this week:

That elephant garlic is almost 1lb by itself and bigger then my fist! Growing these are my choice because cured correctly they can last in storage up to a year when I harvest them. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Start Your Spring Garden Shopping

So you think you are done with your garden and you aren't going to worry about it until next year?! Did you read my fall chore review?! I hope you did your winter mulching, dug up and separated some of those bulbs, got row covers out on any veggies you are trying to finish up (cabbage, carrots, lettuce...ect.).

Do you know NOW is when you should be signing up for those catalogs? Oh yes, spring flower and veggie catalogs start coming out now, and then another round in spring. But why now? The coupons, and codes... and clearance seeds from this year are there!!! Talk about deals... you can sweep up those dream daisies for 70% off right now. Sometimes free shipping codes are included... no minimum! I had a $20 order last Christmas that got me 27 packets of seeds and bulbs. I got the free shipping on the whole bunch too. These are seeds and bulbs packaged for this year too. They aren't bad, if stored properly these seeds can sit on your shelf for another year or two. The germination rate may go down slightly, like instead of 100% germ you may only get 85%. Its still a great deal... if you love to fill your garden with annuals... this is the BEST deal for you!

Last year I was just starting out, and as suggested in my blog title... I did start about 90% of my garden from seed!

**I came back to add this, these catalogs are FREE! Go visit certain websites, and just sign up. You don't have to order anything to receive these catalogs. Use sites such as,,, ect**

Another wonderful site to start collecting AND sharing seeds through is WinterSown.Org an organization commited to getting people to learn to grow seeds at home for their gardens, and they teach you how to start those seeds IN your home OVER the winter... so you don't have to wait until spring. Send them a SASE and they will send you SEVERAL packets of free seeds that were donated to them. You can also package to send seeds to them to donate over the winter. Its a great way to have fun with your garden when you can't be out in it.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Giving What I Had To Give!

Yes, it is breast cancer awareness month... and everything is pink these days. I've purchased a few items that were donated a portion to the cause, but it was things I needed... not really an unselfish act so much. Some times you REALLY want to give and you have nothing at all, right? Well, today while driving home from picking up my food boxes from our church (when I say I ain't got much, I really mean it). I was thinking there was something I had that could actually mean a lot to someone.

I decided I have PLENTY of hair someone really would love to have it, so funny to think that when I complain about having too much.

So I went to Great Clips in Fuquay, NC where my options were to donate to Locks For Love or the Pantene Beautiful lengths project. Now, Pantene does do their wigs for women with cancer in chemo... but the thought that Locks for Love is for children BEYOND chemo... these kids may have cancer, been burned or have diseases that prohibit their hair to EVER grow back, I had to go with Locks for Love. WHICH requires 10" minimum rather then Pantene who requires 7" minimum (for anyone interested in doing this).

Well, here is how I started my day off, and how I ended it:

It look me a long to time to grow all that, and I thought I was going to find this tramatic.... well, in fact I feel wonderful about it in so many ways. I also feel a whole lot lighter!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Been putting off the work on the quilt...

Well, I haven't worked on this since last Tuesday, October 6th.... I keep coming up with other little projects instead. Being so far from finishing has made me let my mind wonder onto other things, like baking and garden work... and sewing cute little gifts for others.


Fall Gardening Chores

That's right, just because blooms are slowing and trees are shedding leaves doesn't mean it OVER until spring. In fact, there are plenty of chores to get done. Chores I enjoy actually! Its cool, and the chores are small so instead of sweating and drinking bottle after bottle of water to try to get an hours work done, I have all day out in the yard with my daughter doing some simple prepping.

First I want to suggest NOW as the BEST time to get in those trees (decorative and fruiting) and shrubs in the ground. They're going to need a few weeks of watering right now... but then they will go dormant and won't need the deep watering like they would need in the spring while waking up.

Secondly, if you have bulbs, crocus, iris, tulip, ect. Its time to dig them up and split off new bulbs to transplant as well. (Or give away when you have too many)

I found some really great detailed suggestions over on The Master Gardener Website. Read up, and do your chores.... Spring will be a lot let stressful!

Master Gardener Website Link

Here I have my daughter helping me turn compost into a raised bed... this bed will house some garlic and onions for harvest next summer.

Please feel free to comment with some suggestions and things you do in fall to get ready. I've only been gardening for 2 years now, and I bet there are things we could all be doing more efficiently... especially me!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wanted to share a fabulous Blog

I found this blog while finding new people to follow on Twitter! I absolutely love the way its set up, I love the topics and I like the way so many people are responding and commenting. Its a good place to find a ton of links to some fun projects and great Eco friendly ideas. I'm following it and I think you all should follow too!

Making Jelly... again!

I made some more jelly... like I haven't canned enough this fall already right?!  Well, to my shock, this month alone, in 2 weeks I have been featured on Etsy's front page for my jams!

How great is that?!

Great enough I had to make more jelly since I sold so much of what I thought I was done with for the season. So I added a new Jelly to the mix as well, Southern Style Scuppernong Muscadine Grape Jelly! Fresh, sweet and light, you will love this on everything from Toast to your next grilled chicken fillet!

I would also like to thank all my new followers. I noticed the new people sneaking in... don't think I didn't notice! ;0)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Canna Contest Over...Winner Drawn!

Contest over and Congrats to Iowa Roo Mom! She's been contacted by email about her prize!

If you enjoyed that, keep watching as I collect cuttings, seeds and saplings through the months and give them away here on my blog to all you garden lovers! :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Moving Honey Suckle

So this past week has been insane. When the rain finally passed it was WAY too hot and humid again, you would have thought it to be August again. Then we had a lot of company passing through until Friday, this is when we had to get ourselves together and get to a Wedding rehersal and dinner which ended in a late night with the wedding and reception happening the follow day. We were in the wedding party so had to get their early, and stay to help break everything down. (with a 2 year old in tow).

Finally our day to get stuff done came Sunday... again not much got done, we ended up at my mom's house. I decide to save and transplant a Honey Suckle vine from their yard and move it to our house. So when we got home we put up a trellis and hung it on the front porch for the vine to climb. So soon I will have shade on my front porch to enjoy our sunday afternoon's from here on out!

Pictures to follow.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wish I could get back to the garden, but since I can't... CONTEST!!!

The rain has made it nearly impossible to do much the last few days. I was hoping to get more lettuce and spinach in the ground... I also wanted to plant onions and garlic. Instead I am going to give away some seeds I collected this week!

So, go ahead and post a response to this topic to win! I will be giving away some Canna Seeds in a deep red color to the winner. Remember to leave a way for me to contact you! I will draw the winner next Tuesday, October 13th!

*Suggestion: They do prefer tropical climates, warmth and humidity... if your temps get into freezing and you have an average snowfall over 2-3". I would dig the bulbs up these will later produce and store them inside to replant in spring!*

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Been Busy Sewing & Baking

I've had a lot of orders as of recently, which shocks me because things are usually slow this time of year with an explosion of orders to come at the beginning of November so people can try to cover Thankgiving and get the early Christmas orders in as well for parties. I do become booked for Christmas in early December and eventually have to close up shop so everything gets out on time!

For now though I've also been sewing constantly, all this while trying to maintain my garden and hope to get a fall harvest out of it. Still crossing fingers for carrots and cabbage soon. I got them in so late. So far they are growing, just kind of slow. Next week, I really hope I have time to get some onions and garlic in the ground. Thank goodness Mother Earth News had an article this month about Garlic, otherwise I wouldn't know what to do.

As for my sewing, what can I say... its been a peaceful thing for me to do. I get mad at this quilt I'm working on, but I still enjoy it! I've made some fun stuff for my daughter for Halloween so she's benefiting from mommy's sewing too! I made her a spider web dress and matching stretching headband. She loves them!

I made myself one too to wear for Halloween when we go trick or treating! Got the fabric on clearance for $3. Not bad!

I've also been sewing lots of eco friendly snack and sandwich bags to post in my new Etsy store. (Which is really an old etsy store I haven't used in YEARS because my cookie business got so busy I had no time to sew) I've created some reusable washable produce bags to take grocery shopping with you as well!


Those are all available here:

Anyways, its been a great weekend, but I need to get to bed because tomorrow is Monday whether I like it or not! ;0)