Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Making Jelly... again!

I made some more jelly... like I haven't canned enough this fall already right?!  Well, to my shock, this month alone, in 2 weeks I have been featured on Etsy's front page for my jams!

How great is that?!

Great enough I had to make more jelly since I sold so much of what I thought I was done with for the season. So I added a new Jelly to the mix as well, Southern Style Scuppernong Muscadine Grape Jelly! Fresh, sweet and light, you will love this on everything from Toast to your next grilled chicken fillet!

I would also like to thank all my new followers. I noticed the new people sneaking in... don't think I didn't notice! ;0)


  1. Congrats on the Etsy front page. Wow 3 times. Good for you. You've earned it.

    Your jellies look so yummy!!!


  2. Thank you so much Christine! Glad to see you've joined my blog.