Monday, October 12, 2009

Moving Honey Suckle

So this past week has been insane. When the rain finally passed it was WAY too hot and humid again, you would have thought it to be August again. Then we had a lot of company passing through until Friday, this is when we had to get ourselves together and get to a Wedding rehersal and dinner which ended in a late night with the wedding and reception happening the follow day. We were in the wedding party so had to get their early, and stay to help break everything down. (with a 2 year old in tow).

Finally our day to get stuff done came Sunday... again not much got done, we ended up at my mom's house. I decide to save and transplant a Honey Suckle vine from their yard and move it to our house. So when we got home we put up a trellis and hung it on the front porch for the vine to climb. So soon I will have shade on my front porch to enjoy our sunday afternoon's from here on out!

Pictures to follow.

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