Friday, October 30, 2009

Not CUTTING Corners

Because doing cuttings aren't always easy. I'm trying to root some cuttings from the yard this fall. I would like to add more trees, bushes and vines... but who wants to pay nurseries for these plants over and over again when the plants I have will supply me with more?! Not to mention, I have a great neighbor who let me snip some of his plants for more cuttings to try.

So what am I trying? Some Lacecap Hydrenga in purple, a Georgia peach tree, Raspberry and Lantana.

I was giving a great idea (Thanks Joe) to create little humidity tents to try to help them to force root. We want some strong plants and they really need the heat to take.

This is my FIRST attempt as rooting, so I added a little hormone powder to help this along (I'm using the "Take Root" brand).

Wish me luck, this may not work at all!!!



  1. Looks good!

    You may wnat to cut a small slit in the tent.
    This will let a little fresh air in.

    You can also mist them if needbe without disturbing the cutting.

    Good luck!


  2. I forgot to mention all the pots are 'water from the bottom' pots so they've been great. I've been filling the bottoms with warm water. :)

    I will definitely poke holes in the tops to let in some fresh air though.

    I noticed today I already lost a cutting of Lantana... it had some white fuzz growing on it. Not good!

  3. You should not water them. Unless they are real dry.

    That is what the tent is for, to keep the humiditity in. The stem will rot or like you mention get fungus if kept to wet.

    By this I mean you water the pot one time place in tent and watch for signs. Dry air/no moisture on the tent walls mist the air not the soil.

    I find it hard to explain this proper to you but I hope this helps.


  4. Well thanks Joe, because honestly I have NO idea what I am doing. I'm just trying and trying and trying again until I fail or it finally works.

    So stopping the watering process!!!