Monday, October 26, 2009

Dreary Cold Autumn Days

Since my garlic and onions arrived its been rainy and cold. Yesterday was a bit of drizzle but just cold and dark all day. Today is partly cloudy, but still cold. I was so impatient I went ahead and got bundled up with my little munchkin and off we went to the garden bed to get our garlic and onions in the ground. I got the whole 1lb of garlic in and about 50 onion bulbs out of the 100 so far.

My day was brightened when my husband came to help and found several of our Ducks eggs randomly around the pond. They were all recent enough that we now have several duck eggs to eat for breakfast this week. We also found about 10 ripe strawberries out in the berry bed. How many of you are still picking strawberries at the end of October?

So today, I will brave the cold with the little one once again and try to get at least 20 more onions in the ground.

Here's some good knowledge for you to have... Onions and Strawberries grow well together if you ever want to mix some onions into your strawberry beds. I did!


  1. I ordered the same onions from the same place as you. Does it give you planting directions or should I look that up while I wait on them to arrive?

  2. Plant the bulbs so they are covered about an inch or 2 below the surface. They need to be about 4-5" apart too so they don't bunch as they grow. If you can't plant all of them, try to plant the smallest ones, they should get the biggest and less likely to bolt in spring. (So I've read)