Sunday, October 4, 2009

Been Busy Sewing & Baking

I've had a lot of orders as of recently, which shocks me because things are usually slow this time of year with an explosion of orders to come at the beginning of November so people can try to cover Thankgiving and get the early Christmas orders in as well for parties. I do become booked for Christmas in early December and eventually have to close up shop so everything gets out on time!

For now though I've also been sewing constantly, all this while trying to maintain my garden and hope to get a fall harvest out of it. Still crossing fingers for carrots and cabbage soon. I got them in so late. So far they are growing, just kind of slow. Next week, I really hope I have time to get some onions and garlic in the ground. Thank goodness Mother Earth News had an article this month about Garlic, otherwise I wouldn't know what to do.

As for my sewing, what can I say... its been a peaceful thing for me to do. I get mad at this quilt I'm working on, but I still enjoy it! I've made some fun stuff for my daughter for Halloween so she's benefiting from mommy's sewing too! I made her a spider web dress and matching stretching headband. She loves them!

I made myself one too to wear for Halloween when we go trick or treating! Got the fabric on clearance for $3. Not bad!

I've also been sewing lots of eco friendly snack and sandwich bags to post in my new Etsy store. (Which is really an old etsy store I haven't used in YEARS because my cookie business got so busy I had no time to sew) I've created some reusable washable produce bags to take grocery shopping with you as well!


Those are all available here:

Anyways, its been a great weekend, but I need to get to bed because tomorrow is Monday whether I like it or not! ;0)

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