Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Total Garden Transformation!

Because its Autumn!!!!
Yesterday I removed the last of my tomatoes... there were still 100's of green ones on there... however, I highly doubt with the cooler days and night they were going to ripen. So I collected all the ripe, and starting to turn one's and brought them in. I grabbed the few large tomatoes that were green for fried green tomatoes and put them aside.

Then I cleared out the plants with bush sheers... it took about 2 hours to get them down enough to get the cages off! It took 2 wheel barrow runs to the burn pile and compost pile to get it all out. THEN I sectioned off my beds with my fall greens growing in them and let the chickens lose in the garden bed where the tomatoes were. There were a few small weeds coming in, and 100's of rotten cherry tomatoes on the ground (ewwww!) for them. They did a good job actually!

Today little daughter and I finished hand picking the squished and green tomatoes out of the bed and out of the walking path. Put them in buckets, and dumped them in the coop's run. The chickens are going to be fat and happy after this week.

We turned in approximately 20 lbs of compost from my pile into the bed. When I turned my compost today, it was the most beautiful black... I'm so proud of my first season of composting. After we turned the soil we came in for a snack and I needed a fresh cup of coffee.

It is 72 and perfect today to get this garden stuff done.

We'll have lunch shortly, and then we'll go get the very last of the pole beans because those vines are done for too.

Did I mention I looked today and my carrots have FINALLY come up!!!??? HOORAY!!!!!!!!

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