Thursday, September 24, 2009

Snakes, Ducks and Chickens... Oh My!!!

First I run across this monster in my garden! 4 ft of crazy monster! Man did I run. I found out it was only a rat snake, but it was coming out of my garden past my chickens (I highly doubt they aren't interested in chickens) so I had to chase it with a rake.

Then after that event I stumble across where my duck has been hanging lately!

So my silly duck lily has been laying eggs!!! She didn't come back after I discovered it though... and 2 1/2 hours after I discovered it, I came back and noticed a few missing eggs. I also found an broken apart VERY empty duck egg shell by the pond. So I candled the eggs in my bathroom, found 5 were developing. 3 weren't and they ended up going into some fried rice for dinner. The 5 developing one's have moved into my chicken coop where my silkies are now doing their job!


  1. scary pictures maan!

    and very nice too, your blogs is looking good.

  2. Thanks... its been fun growing this. Hope to start posting some fun canning recipes soon. Just been a zoo around here lately! :)

  3. I would have ran from the snake too, lol then yelled for my husband to get it...

    Good thing you found that nest... Good luck on hatching :)