Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Beans, Beans... the magical fruit...

Well, not really! But it seems like magic. I was told when I planted my beans I should expect them to be producing the first week or 2 of august. About that time I noticed my very healthy looking, very tall pole beans were covered in flowers! How exciting?! Sadly, they did not produce a thing. :( I waited and waiting and watched as flowers fell on the ground and one bean would develop here and there. Never more then I could possibly snack on in the garden, maybe 5 would be ready at a time. I would take DAYS for me to get enough for just one meal. (A family of a 3!)

Finally, this week they picked up and now I'm getting about a 1/2 gallon bucket worth a day. So I made some for dinner, and now I am going to freeze the rest in gallon freezer bags. I don't have pressure canner, so this is the best way to be safe.

After I'm done with the beans, if time allows I'm going to mix me up some caramel candied apple preserves! Mmmmm!!! I've been looking forward to these.

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  1. Sounds yummy... I need to go pick beans tomorrow!