Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Eco-Friendly Competition!

I am putting on an Eco-Friendly Art Challenge for anyone interested. We'll be using items that would normally be trash and turning them into gorgeous pieces of art, or fashionable jewelry, or garden ornaments, or furniture, or clocks, or WHATEVER you can imagine!

The best part! I will be supplying Prizes for this competition as well!! YES PRIZES!!!

So go here, sign up with a free Patron Account on the website and sign up to enter the competition at this link. All questions should be posted there, as well as all images. You MUST actually post that you are signing up for this at this thread on this forum to qualify to win when the contest ends. So don't lose the date, post it on your calender! Bookmark the page because all finished entries have to be posted there as well.

EBSQart.com Forum, Competition Thread

The rules are simple, the prizes are awesome and the dates are set! So come show us what an amazing imagination you have, and join a great art site while you're at it.

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