Monday, August 31, 2009

Rainy End to August

Last night to stormed me to sleep. Lovely to sleep to the thunder and rain pounding on my bedroom window. I slept like a baby.

However, its dreary and rainy today too. I didn't see August going out so icky as fall closes in on us. Summer has just gone by way to fast.

Yet my garden is still going full swing, and we've been getting our fall garden planted slowly. I'm still waiting on cabbage seed which is going to be kinda late but I've gotten some carrots out and lettuce. The potatoes are going strong, I'm glad I got those out at the beginning of the month. I was going to do spinach today, but I'll hold off on those until tomorrow. I harvest a ton of radish seed this summer, so I'll be planting those along side my spinach to keep the end of the season bugs away.

Today, I am going into the kitchen to can some muscadine grape jelly instead. With how many tomatoes I have I will probably make tomato sauce as well, if not salsa. So today will be a canning day then! Maybe the rain was the push I needed to finish what I needed to finish in the kitchen! (Photos to follow when I'm done.)
Here are the giant muscadine grapes I will be turning into jelly. (These are popular in NC as a wild grape, fantastic and sweet and a great choice for wine!

Which reminds me... I have a new listing in my online store! Naturally grown and dried herbs from my garden!

Don't forget, I always have biscotti cookies listed... order yourself a dozen cookies and some herbs and don't pay the additional shipping charge for the herbs. Its a limited time only so take advantage!!!

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