Sunday, August 23, 2009

Contimplating the Siding...

I keep looking at before and after's.... even though the after is still not done. There is only 1 day worth of work left on the second floor of the WEST side of the house only. I bet our neighbors will be as thrilled we are done as we will be!



So what do you think?! Made the right changes and choices?


  1. I will be honest...that is what you want right? The red door really makes the before picture nice so is taking the meatal screen door off an option or painting it to make it stand out more? Sorry, I am honest and don't offer many suggestions. My front door is black to match our shutters but then that means that there is nothing exciting about it. Good Luck and don't get amd at me for being honest please.

  2. That metal door my husband INSISTED he was putting on the house. I couldn't win that battle, though I tried. I wanted a wood screen cottage style door in wood stained to match the bench on the front porch. Didn't happen when his dad gave us the door off the front of his house. Then my father-in-law passed away and no WAY will my husband part with that door. MAYBE, perhaps... I could get him to paint it black rather then white to match the shutters. I'm also thinking of painting the front door (which is red), a brighter red rather then the dark red so you can see it through the metal door?