Thursday, August 6, 2009

So I promised Updated Pictures of the Garden...

...well here they are!

My fast growing deck plants (look at that vine that climbed and is now just laying out along the deck rail.)

My garden at the end of the drive finally filling out! The vine on the arbor died awhile ago. So my arbor is still naked.

Front walk garden bed.

Close up of front walk garden by stairs. You see the fairy statue I bought at an auction last week. It was several different peeling paint colors when we got it, and her arm had fallen off. Some glue, and new fresh black paint helped a lot!

Here's the old wrought iron patio set I got at the auction too. It was rusting and worn down to several shades of grey. I sanded and painted it back to new.

Look at my happy little veggie garden! THRIVING I tell ya! (There are 100's of green tomatoes hiding in there.)

Daughter's play house with her sunflower garden! They've gotten so huge they've flopped over.

This is a fun hanging pot I fell in love with!

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