Saturday, September 12, 2009

The quilt that's driving me mad!

I haven't shared my work on this for two reasons... its not my best work and its for someone REALLY special. So this is a HUGE deal. I didn't want it to leak out to them what they'll be getting for christmas. But I wanted to share a little bit of it for now. 
Its about 50" either way so far, its going to be a Queen size when done.

It just drives me CRAZY how crooked the center squares are, even though I fixed it to where I am now. We all live and learn. I've only been doing this for a year or so, and NOTHING nearly this large.


  1. What a cute little pumpkin!
    Good luck with finishing your quilt

  2. A trade out here. You have given me tons of gardening tips so I will give to you what I have learned about quilting so far. When I took my quilting class I was told that when you sew a row to a row or column to a column to do it in the opposite direction as the last seam that way it will not become lopsided. I am not sure how your center was pieced together but I hope that you will not pull all your hair out.

  3. Thanks Angie! My big issue was trying to use scissors to cut the fabric when I started. I finally went a bought a razor wheel cutter thing. I will FOR SURE try reversing the direction I am doing my seams when attaching my rows. I bet that will make a huge difference!

  4. That looks like a very big project, good luck with getting the quilt finished.

  5. I stumbled across your blog on twitter. I think you have a good start so don't get frustrated. You did the right thing in buying a rotary cutter, that will make things easier. The next key might be in the way you are cutting your pieces. If you end up with some across the grain or bias cut the fabrics will have more "flex". An easy fix for this would be to buy some spray starch. Spray and iron your pieces (with steam) before you piece them together. Then when you go to iron them open spray again then iron. This will hold the pieces stiffer and prevent the bowing or curving.

    Other than that the most important thing is that your seams are all 1/4" and that when you iron your seams open they are tight tight tight.

    You can find me at and convo me if you have any questions, I would be glad to help.

  6. Thank you for the help. I hope you continue to follow the blog. I try to do a lot around here between the quilting, canning, gardening ect ect!!!

    I have been doing the additionaly 1/4" seem and what I have priding myself on is IRON IRON IRON!!!

    I've done a few more pieces since this post, as soon as I get to a pretty point I will post again. I'm pretty proud for one of my first pieces. I think I have a good vision for this. :)