Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September Is Rolling In

Being in the south, I don't ever remember it being as cool as its been lately. I usually still have the AC on, but now its been off for over a week! Windows open at night and I even had the comforter for my bed out of the linen closet last night! WOW, autumn is coming in a little early, and full strength!!!

So it being so cool, it was time to plant. We've put out the broccoli, cabbage, carrots and some lettuce so far. I'm having a hard time finding my onion sets though. So that is a bummer. My tomatoes have to be done and moved out of the bed the onions are going to go into... so I am assuming I have a couple more weeks left to find those onion sets.

Funny, it seems like NO ONE sells fall seeds anymore?! I looked everywhere. Home depot and lowe's only had started Bonnie Bell items like Cabbage and Broccoli and southern greens. (Not cheap either, so not worth buying... I wanted seeds!)

Other then planting I am finishing up my harvesting so that means I'm finishing my canning. WHICH MEANS.... whatever is listed in my store for Jams and Jellies... that is pretty much IT! I am almost done canning for 2009. The only items I am working on you can expect me to add anytime soon are: Hot Pepper Jelly and Apple Preserves


So until my next post! Enjoy the cool season and longer nights....


  1. Hey Girl,

    What type onions are you going to plant? I planted some lettuce seeds last week and have teny tiny sprouts.


  2. I want to plant simple yellow or red onions. I like the red for salads raw, but I like to cook with yellow. I'm more a fan of vidalia onions actually... still haven't found any!?