Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fall Gardening Chores

That's right, just because blooms are slowing and trees are shedding leaves doesn't mean it OVER until spring. In fact, there are plenty of chores to get done. Chores I enjoy actually! Its cool, and the chores are small so instead of sweating and drinking bottle after bottle of water to try to get an hours work done, I have all day out in the yard with my daughter doing some simple prepping.

First I want to suggest NOW as the BEST time to get in those trees (decorative and fruiting) and shrubs in the ground. They're going to need a few weeks of watering right now... but then they will go dormant and won't need the deep watering like they would need in the spring while waking up.

Secondly, if you have bulbs, crocus, iris, tulip, ect. Its time to dig them up and split off new bulbs to transplant as well. (Or give away when you have too many)

I found some really great detailed suggestions over on The Master Gardener Website. Read up, and do your chores.... Spring will be a lot let stressful!

Master Gardener Website Link

Here I have my daughter helping me turn compost into a raised bed... this bed will house some garlic and onions for harvest next summer.

Please feel free to comment with some suggestions and things you do in fall to get ready. I've only been gardening for 2 years now, and I bet there are things we could all be doing more efficiently... especially me!

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