Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Wonderful Weekly Harvest WEIGH-IN!

To be so lucky to know so many good gardeners across the country (Thank to The Easy Garden and the clan), one started up a more broad harvest weigh-in where we can all stay connected via our blogs. Please feel free to join, only 4 days left to get your blog in on it here.

I may not be constant on this, mainly because I totally flaked last year trying to track my harvest and costs. I really wanted to know if I was coming out on top with saving money for all the time I put into my garden. Though I did quit early on, mid-July-ish, I was already in the black by that point and didn't really invest anything into my garden after that point. This year I did spend a couple hundred dollars on putting in new raised beds, and filling them. I also bought quite a few prestarted plants this year (I know, against the whole from seed way), but I had way more space that was empty and the winds and storms in April and May destroyed quite a bit of what I already had out.

So from here on I'll be posting a bit on what we've already picked and brought in from our gardens. This week, since I haven't weighed in I will for sure take photos of the gardens, what I've brought in and what I've already canned to put up for the year. So stay tuned!

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