Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Ok, so I've got some photos, but I've been too lazy to edit them and upload them. I will this afternoon while the little one is taking a nap though. She's sick, and we're potty training so time in NOT on my side.

I did work out in the garden a bit last night after my Yoga class. Its nice and cool around the 8 o'clock hour, the perfect time to get some last minute stuff done down in the jungle.

I ripped out 90% of my done corn stalks, the few I left had my green beans growing up them. Still no green beans!!!??? Driving me nutz... I need green beans!!!!

There was 8 eggplants going at last count, my daughter is trying so hard to let me let her pick them... but they are soooooo far from done still! These glossy little fruits range from the size of my thumb to almost my fist. Problem is, I know I have to harvest them while they are still shiney purple, but how big do these things have to be to harvest? I can't wait for grilled eggplant!

What else, what else... oh... I'm also starting a quilt I got a pattern for yesterday. Started cutting and collecting fabric the other day to do this. I have 4 tiny pieces already together and I'm starting to get confused, its a complicated pattern. I would have started with some simple, but you know me... I like things with lots of FLARE!!!! :D

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