Friday, July 3, 2009

Its been rough... Mid-Summer

Is this season over yet?! What! It just started?! ARGH! It feels over...

Well, things have been rough and without sharing too much information lets cover a few major issues. First, I had a fantastic 2 day vacation in Wilmington NC. We stayed at that lovely Bed & Breakfast I posted about earlier last month. It was the Taylor House Inn. The food was fabulous, the people were friendly and we were in walking distance of everything in downtown!! We hit a few restraunts, a club, a couple galleries... walked the river walk peir and then eventually drove the 15 minutes to wrightsville beach. Wonderful weekend, and I DEFINITELY need to do that again ASAP!!!!!!

Now, I'm home. Its been emotionally trying since we got home. There was an accident involving my family and its caused a lot of pain, we'll leave that at that.

I just had a talk with someone from the agricultural department who came out to my garden yesterday... My 1 cucumber plant has contracted the FIRST reported case of Downy Mildew in my county. Oh yes... the 1st!!! My neighbor who has canteloupes, squash and cucumbers has none! What kind did I plant? Straight 8 cucumber, one of the more suseptible varieties to the disease. Go figure right?! I'm still trying to bring back my tomatoes from the earlier blight we contracted. My less then 200 sq ft garden is HATING life as we know it. At least I have a few dozen cukes from it to make it worth all the effort in the first place.

Lastly, (yes there is more) since my last post I attempted to mow my lawn. Now, how bad can mowing the lawn be?! First, I have an acre... second... I have a pond... thirdly, my mower is a riding one and it VERY old. Ok... so my breaks went out and I had to take a flying leap off of it because I was only a moment away from joining the mower for a swim. We managed to get the mower out, but I lost a lot of skin grabbing the tree branch above me to get off the mower in time. So while I'm healing I'm going to take a break from mowing or gardening. My weeding hand is way too damaged for right now.

Here's a picture to keep you entertained until I get some garden photos up again soon. LAUGH ON!!!

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  1. Ohhhh nooo! Glad you had a relaxing trip, but sorry for all the stress upon your return! Hope things are looking up for you soon!
    PS: The mower-in-the-pond pictures are definitely funny! Wow!