Friday, March 2, 2012

Salmon Faverolles Move In

Introducing Gabby and Cherry, 2 Salmon Favorelle Hens we got at auction a couple weeks ago. One is obviously more red then she should be, so DD calls her the "CHERRY ONE!". They had their beaks clipped and have a hard time eating... but they are royally spoiled with deep dishes and lots of treats. They are skittish of people so were probably never handled much, but I cuddle them when I catch them so eventually they'll accept us.

For anyone looking to introduce more birds to their flock, its important you keep new birds quarentined for at least 30 days. You don't want disease spreading, or mites or anything that may cause stress of an uproar in your flocks health and sanity. Also give new birds a good look over. I found these guys had ticks and mites. I washed them, picked the ticks, dusted with DE(Diatomaceous Earth) and added used vaseline on their legs since they looks dried and scaly. I didn't see mites on their legs, but you can never be too careful. They are in their own coop, and though they can see my other birds... no one is touching and getting aggressive. Just the way we like it around here. :)

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