Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Spring Round Up!

First of all, please forgive me!? It's been an overwhelming spring, lots of projects and lots of sick. In fact I was sick all of April and 1/2 of May! The time in-between I managed, with lots of help from my husband, to get the final gardens in and rolling. We added over 700 sq ft of new garden space this year... with tilling, compost moving and planting... there went most of my spring!

So I wanted to show off some of what we've accomplished and what we are now enjoying from our hard work. Hopefully my next round of posts will be more canning posts and recipes I'll be trying with all the yummy stuff rolling in.

Here are the blue mop head hydrangeas in bloom

The lavender lace cap hydrangeas are now opening up

Our meat bird project birds, 4 Cornish x & 1 Pekin duck. 7 Weeks old.

The deck bed in bloom

The larger of the 2 veggie gardens

Green bean tee pees filling out, already have green beans on them (Blue Lake Pole)

Rows of corn, sunflowers, squash and tomatoes

The grape vine has a good amount of grapes this year

Already picked our first raspberries this week, 100's more to ripen soon

Need to refinish the paths in the small garden, by herbs, carrots, garlic, cukes and tomatoes are going now

Random sunflower popper up in a rock pile. Daughter won't let me pull it out!

Harvested the potatoes today, got 17lbs of red & yukon gold

She's so proud of that green bean tee pee she fits in perfectly!

Well that is all I have today, but I will be back soon... hopefully I will have some advice, or a cool project by then. For now... over and out!

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