Sunday, May 24, 2009

Finished the Front of the House!!!!

Siding on the front of the house is done, along with putting the shutters back up and the lights are reinstalled. I only need to paint the columns now. They've even moved over to the driveway side of the house... as of 6pm they are half was up the house.

A lot of the yard is in bloom, and I spent the day mulching while the men sided. So I'm exhausted, but everything looks gorgeous. Here I'll post what is going on so you can enjoy it as much as I do... well, not as much since I get to touch and smell everything!

My chicks have gotten so big too! They are 3 weeks old now!

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  1. Everything looks so green and colorful. All the flowers are in full bloom. The siding looks great and I bet you and the hubbie are glad that it is almost done.