Friday, May 29, 2009

A Small Project Between the Storms

Its been raining a lot... if the sun is out... it will even rain with the sun out! Its been insane to say the least. I'm hoping it has stopped for good today, but I doubt it. Yesterday I had about an hour or so that was rain free (not exactly, the sun was out and it would randomly sprinkle here and there) so I did a little project inspired from a gardening buddy Karen over at . I've turned my husband's old ugly work boots, into a couple of decent pots for some extra plants I had.

One of the boots has a busted zipper and won't close all the way so I stuffed some creeping jenny in there to flow down the side and help plug the hole. I have Columbine stuffed in the top of that one, while I only have 1 Calundula in the other. They are a bit droopy in the pic as I just planted them yesterday. Today they have already perked back up! :-D