Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Changing Up Our Layout

I've been so busy learning about gardening, baking and of course raising my family (including the pets and chickens) that I didn't have to time to mess with the 'appearance' of my blog. I figured it was hard enough finding time to update with all this useful information I had, and sharing pictures... who cared I used a blogspot theme rather then something unique.

Well, I thought about it... and I am unique! My garden is different to say the least, and my ways I go about things are special. I think everyone who visits my blog is special too! So, it is about time my blog was of a higher viewing standard... it was about time to change it up to be 1 in a million!

As you can see I've started the changes I want implemented. So would you all be so kind as to post your Likes, Dis-likes, Ideas, praises and other-wise!? I would truly appreciate it while I think on what to do next.

P.s.- The next giveaway will start on Friday for a SET (3 packets) of rare-unusual Basil seed. So don't miss out on this one!


  1. I think your new background is gorgeous!

    If the print were a little bigger or bolder or something, i wouldn't squint as much when i read it. But i like it just the same. ;)

  2. I second the background image. To make thins a little easier to read you could add a background color to the text areas but have it a bit opaque - that way the background image still comes through but the text is more clear. If you need help let me know Shannon, I have the code and can tell you where to put it. ~Amanda

  3. Hey Amanda, I would like that code... I can't find it in the book I was looking at here. I'm a few years out with HTML and XML since school. That would be awesome!

    Thanks Beth! I love the image too, and someday I knew it would be associated with my garden, my blog, my writings.

  4. I like it... but the words need to be bigger, lol and maybe darker. I really hate when I go to someones blog and the word are so little I can hardly read them.

  5. Hummm all I see is a white background??
    Nothing special like you??

  6. Hmmm... I wonder if you are being blocked from the domain the image for the background is on? Which is my personal site actually. But that sounds like the issue.

    Thanks Jen, I'm going to try to change the BG of the words so they stand out better... if that doesn't work, I'm going to bold my text and maybe make it larger.