Friday, January 21, 2011

The need for spring is making me antsy!

These unbelievably cold days (for NC at least) have driving me crazy... I keep shifting in my seat, and mumbling under my breath how much I despise mother nature right now.

But this time seems as good as any to order my seed. Well, I can't afford to order seed this year... so I'm going to start TRADING!

If you have seeds you would like, or seeds enough to share... give me a holla'! I would love to get going to keep my mind off such terrible weather.

...and just to give me a shimmer of hope for spring, I will start planting my tomato seeds I have today. ONLY, because I have a mini-greenhouse to move them into when they are too big for the house. This is not me saying it is ok for everyone to start planting now. The general rule is 6-8 weeks before you move your plants out. So check your frost dates, determine if you have a greenhouse or cold frame that you can do it sooner and remember that some seeds only need 4 weeks... and some need 12. Check your seed package, or research the varieties you have online to find the germination time.

Until then, check back here for pictures of my tomatoes as they get started.


  1. I'm so ready for spring too.... Thats nice you have a mini greenhouse, I would like to have one, one of these days :)

  2. The mini greenhouse was because we were lucky enough someone gave us all their old windows from their house last year! Dear Hubby put the windows together into a cube, and put legs on it. It stays on our back deck for my seedlings to go into before I put them into the ground. Its not very big, like 2' wide by 3' tall. We're going to put a window 'shelf' in there to add a few more plants at a time. Not bad for an hour work from him, and free wood frame windows!