Sunday, March 20, 2011

When Gardeners Are Attacked

No Sonny, I'm not calling you out on this.... whoops... maybe I just did? :oP

So, today we finally hit the new garden plot we've been planning all winter. What a fabulous day to get it done, a bit on the chilly side, but after several days of the 80's here... it was much easier on us then one of those hot days.

We lined everything out starting yesterday, fixed a few problems, got some wood and fired up the tiller. Hubby had me going to town on it myself for awhile. I also shoveled, raked and moved lines with help from him and one of our friends.

During a moment the tiller had a fit, my friend and I attempted to fix a bolt that kept popping off. We finally 'believed' we had it fixed and could get back to work. I went to stand up, and the handle gave in when the tiller threw the bolt off at lightening speed and the tiller handle came into contact with my face before I knew what was going on. All I saw were stars until I could stand up, then all I could see was red because blood flooded into one of my eyes. Even though it hurt badly, and the cut was DEEP... I'm too stubborn to goto the hospital for stitches. So now I have been told to SIT IN THE HOUSE! I am no longer able to work on my precise garden. sad

Here's some pictures of what we've got done so far... hubby is still rocking it by himself. But better safe then sorry!

So beware of tillers... I think they carry vent up aggressions!!!

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