Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Predator Attack

Last week turned out to be a rough beginning to the Summer season. We had an attack that ended up killing 2 pekin ducks and maiming a 3rd. our dear Ms. Lily who's not 3 years old lost a good amount of her neck, skin and muscle tissue too. Somehow she fought her attacker and escaped with her life, but just barely.

I'm been giving her extra daily attention, regularly cleanings and treatments with SWAT and Blu-kote I have to keep antibiotics in her water, along with some serious vitamins (Nutri-Drench) until she's back to eating and moving more on her own.

Last night she took a bath, and showed a lot of energy she's been lacking for a week now. I think we can finally say we're out of the critical condition phase of things.


  1. Poor girl! Glad she's on the mend. Sorry about your other losses. It is always a shock and hard to take.

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  3. She is doing very well, in fact I'm sure in a couple weeks she can go back out into her own pen again as she now has taken over my master bathroom tub!