Thursday, February 19, 2009

Muddy Nails...

Well, yesterday was a huge rain. Storming and pouring and just...well... ICKY (as my daughter says often at her age). But today I was over come with a need to get my hands dirty and the fufill this need to create life.

So I made a grocery store trip to Walmart (yeah I know... I should be shot!) and got a few cheap bulbs of calla lilies and bare root Lily of the Valley. I can't convince myself to spend what I would like on Calla Lilies until I know how they'll do in my zone first. My west side of the house is bare other then a few Azalea's trying to hide my A/C unit. I totally forgot the LOTV likes shade. So we'll see if those come up. I also planted 6 bulbs of Calla in the large empty pot on our from walk. It gets sun until about 1pm. That should do good for them (IF they can handle our zone... from what I read they are iffy... then I will put in an order next year to for what I really want).

That wasn't enough to fill my dirt need today, no, I didn't have quite enough dirt under my nails yet...

I transplanted 22 plants from my jungle in the bathroom into 3" pots where they will transplant easily outside. I had a couple of loses... but for the most part everything made the move without an issue. Of course, if any damage was unseen I will notice in a day or 2.

So my out of control plants that got moved were my coneflower, Flowering tobacco, Tidal Wave Petunia, Lobelia, Bachlor Buttons, Black Eyed Susans and some foxglove. I need to make a run back to the store and buy more 3" pots. I know for a fact I have 18 more to move, and a few more that will be ready in another week.

Now... to just finish prepping those raised beds to have somewhere to put them!?!?

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