Thursday, February 26, 2009

Versus The Weeds

It was a lovely day yesterday, not perfect, but still couldn't help myself from wanting to be outside. The daughter and I got to play on the new swingset hubby built. After awhile she wanted to dig in the dirt, and so did I! After pulling off the plastic that was protecting my raised beds I decided it was time to finish my garden paths, and do the last bit of prepping to finish off my veggie garden.

I laid the rest of the landscape fabric, using staples to keep it all in place. Some of the fabric was tucked under the beds as well. I really want to weed as little as possible.

So here's where we got to yesterday. All that left is to add the gravel, and mulch the beds. Then all I have to do is GROW STUFF (and not weeds)!!!

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