Monday, July 26, 2010

Sweaty, but Alive!

I haven't had much to share from my garden lately. I've done a couple mornings of deep watering, but other then that its been too hot to do any weeding, and I've been late to harvesting. This heat has literally made me sick, and my A/C system can barely keep it 80 in the house.

I've been able to harvest a little bit, some tomatoes mostly. Because I haven't been as vigilant the June Bugs have done a number on some of my tomatoes, and at least 2 lbs of those have been offered up to the chickens as a treat in these hot times.

Sadly, yesterday, my small pen of Black Tailed White Japanese Bantam Chicks (7 weeks old) had 2 casualties. I lost a pullet and what appears to be a young roo. That leaves me with 7 chicks, and it only appears I have 3 pullets left from the group. I've been bringing them water daily as well as the rest of my chickens, and I've even given them watermelon, apples wedges and tons of veggie and fruit scraps from my jam prep. I think its at least made them fat and happy!

As you see, even in this heat, I have been canning and jamming when I can. Mostly at night when it begins to cool off. I was thrilled because starting last week the figs at our local farm were ready... and I'm THRILLED to have gotten a good 15-18lbs of them already. They make for the BEST jam! Check it out at my store while its still available!

You don't want to miss this one, its a limited edition all the way!


  1. You can freeze water in large plastic coke bottles or milk jugs and put them in with the chickens. They act as mini AC's for them. We use them with our tiny Seramas.

  2. That picture is so nice. And the fig jam looks wonderful!

  3. Its really yummy too... I promise! (I've already eaten a jar with my daughter)

  4. I've never had fig jam. I don't care for eating figs alone but I love fig cookies so I might have to try the jam...