Tuesday, August 31, 2010

...And my garden keeps growing!

I've been tied up in jamming and canning lately I've been neglecting and falling behind on the garden chores. I admit, I forget to water, I forget to weed. It wouldn't be a huge deal if I wasn't so 'organic' in everything I do. Which means no spray, no powders... just man power keeps it rolling! So I went out and removed dead and lost plants yesterday, not as bad as I thought it would be.... removed weeds.... not so bad either thanks to lots of mulch this year.... and harvested a good amount of quality produce that wasn't torn up by bugs.

I also had more fall producing items then I thought. I've been a bit behind on planting for fall as well. I have packets of carrots and broccoli I'm still trying to find space for. I ordered garlic and onions... but they are not here yet so no rush there.

So I photoed what shocked me about my garden most after all the neglect... the fact things are growing and producing without me! :)
Beautiful leeks I planted in spring, they went dormant for the summer but I noticed they started back to growth recently.

One of 2 acorn squash on this vine looking happy and healthy. Though I saw ants going to town on the vine itself... I'm afraid there may be a vine borer at work somewhere in the tangle. I already lost 6 pumpkin plants to vine borers this month.
This was a fun little experiment I forgot about. This is a sprite melon. Very popular new breed melon in NC. I bought one at a farm stand and it was a nice melon for the size. About the size of your fist, green flesh, like a mini honey dew. Pretty yum.... so I save a few seeds and threw them out in the yard. Its a tiny vine, Maybe 18" long and it is showing to have 2-3 melons starting on it already. Hope there is enough summer left for them to ripen? We'll see.

I'll share more pictures after today. I made sure there was time this afternoon for daughter and I go out and at least plant her raised bed by her playhouse. She's just not going to be happy when I pull out the pole beans that FAILED to produce a bean larger then a safety pin. :(


  1. There's nothing more relaxing than admiring the results of your hard work in the garden if find. It's looking good, too!

  2. Well we have managed to plant cabbage, broccoli, carrots, fennel and bok choy since last I posted. We've pulled up all but 2 tomato plants which are getting pulled today. Its crazy how fast one can fall behind.

    My onions and garlic should be here in another week and then those are going in where my corn used to be. Turning in some compost into that bed this afternoon. Can't function without onions and garlic in at least 5 meals a week around here. :)