Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fruit liquors

I've done some poking around online and found some simple ways of making my own fruit schnapps and vodkas. I've been jamming so much I've bought a lot more fruit then I've needed, and I've picked more from my own yard then I can use in my jams. So what to do with all the left over fruit if I can't eat it all fresh fast enough? 

Why... preserve it in liquor form for future events!

So  with Christmas coming and Thanksgiving around the corner why not have special gifts and something to serve to guests! They are also simple to do. Pack your fruit in sterilized jars, and cover with cheap vodka. Aristicrat is like $11 a gallon. So MANY pints later I've jarred up Apple, Blackberry, Lemoncello, Pear and Peach. Now they will sit at the back of my pantry for 2 months (I will occasionally give them a sampling), and when they are just right I will strain through cheesecloth and bottle up in clean liquor bottles to give away or store for later use.

The lemoncello and blackberry with be transferred into bottles with 1 cup of simple syrup each (1:1 ratio of sugar and water boiled together and then cooled to room temp). I added 1 TBSP of sugar to the Pear and Peach mixtures now. I added nothing extra to the apple.

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