Thursday, August 19, 2010

Disheartened Over Recent Contacts With My Congressman - About GMO Food Labels

Who doesn't want to know whats IN their food? I guess some of us don't care, and I hear many people say I'm over reacting with how 'bad' certain things are for us. The problem is a LOT of our food is bad for us. I just want to cut 50% of that out of my diet, I've been gaining a lot of weight over the years and I'm pretty active so I don't understand what's up? Do you ever worry about what is affecting your health? You read the nutrition facts on foods sometimes, right? The number of calories? The fat and sugar content? What about if GMO produce was slipped in? That's right genetically modified foods are in almost everything we eat now a days. Most corn that makes its way into processed foods are of GMO standards (and those all come from Monsanto).

If you do some research on representative in congress, the people who control the USDA and the FDA you will see a LOT of connections to Monsanto. But its out of our control... if the USDA says its safe and doesn't require tests outside of Monsanto you have to eat it right? Well, not exactly. There are some companies now printing on their labels "NO GMO FOODS USED IN PROCESSING" or "Corn Syrup Free" or "No Modified Produce Used". All these labels are wonderful, but not items using or not using GMO label.

I wish they would, just so I had a choice... The US is all about choices right? No one can take that away from you! So make your voice heard and simply write to your congressman and say you simply want those products labeled so you know. This campaign makes it so easy Millions Against Monsanto, you simply put in your zip code and it has an already written letter pleading with your congressman (according to your zipcode) to implement the labeling. Its that simple! Doesn't mean it will make a difference, but add yours to mine, to my friend's, to my friend of a friend's.... ect ect... and you may see these labels eventually in your shopping trips.

Now I sent a copy myself already once this week, I received a less then agreeable response from my congressman. Here's the letter I received and a copy of my response:

"Dear Mrs. Fogl:

Thank you for writing me to express your concern about the use of Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) crops in our food supply. It was good to hear from you, and I appreciate your taking the time to share your views with me.

As you may know, our country is the largest producer of plants and foodstuffs using biotechnology. With it, farmers grow stronger, healthier, and higher yielding crops – crops that can resist disease, drought, and pests.  However, I understand that some Americans, like yourself, worry about the safety of genetically modified products and seek the labeling of such products. 

Our examination of this issue must be based on sound scientific principles and study. Technologies such as genetic engineering in plant science have been demonstrated and practiced for hundreds of years through plant breeding.  The relatively recent use of GMO technologies which add or remove genetic material to accelerate the process is substantially similar to long-tested breeding processes. As a farmer, former member of the House Agriculture Committee, and a father and grandfather, I share your desire to have the healthiest foods available for the American table, but I also have faith in the products grown and produced by the American farmer.  You can be sure that I will keep your thoughts in mind should I have the opportunity to vote on legislation regarding GMOs in the 111th Congress.

I am working with my colleagues in Congress and the Administration to respond to the challenges that face our nation.  Together, we will build a stronger economy, find common sense solutions to our energy needs, make sure every child gets a quality  education, and expand access to health care for all Americans.  It is an honor to represent you in Congress, and I welcome your continued input.


Bob Etheridge
Member of Congress
Dear Congressman Sir,

   I am very disappointed in your response as I don't see things your way, and you can't expect me to change my views from a short generic response like that. I do not believe there is anything natural or ok with GMO plants. I believe these high levels of resistance to bugs are unnatural and they won't allow resistance forever. Things adapt to the situation, they grow MORE resistance, they, in nature, mutate. I believe these high yields of product are hurting the farmer because you are saying, its ok that as a 'superpower' of food in the world, we should produce more so people pay less. Now farmers are working and spending more to grow more each year, to break even. These are not rich well paid people, obviously you left agriculture to do something better for the communities... but I don't think that is happening. You left the community behind.

   With no diversity in food, without actually paying for quality, Monsanto, McDonald's, Burger King, coca-cola, Walmart and all these great companies will continue to grow unobstructed by laws and codes. Though the potential for growth is great in the country, it is becoming limited in whom is allowed to grow. The American people are growing by leaps and "Pounds" though. Cheap food and genetically modified crops are not the solution. It just makes MORE for LESS. Cheap food is making for expensive healthcare. Now it appears, the only winners are the 1% who are lining their pockets with profits from others' suffering.

  With that said, all I ask if you are kind enough to label products for those of us who care. Because I care, because my friends and family care... I took the time to write you.

  I would appreciate it, if you had any 'scientific proof' as you stated would sway your decision that you would send me copy. I kinda like to know someone who wants my vote is taking the time to share what he 'knows' with the people, and not what he 'thinks'. I know what I think, and I am YET to find another but opinions from everywhere and not one lick of 'proof' in writing.

Still Concerned,

Mrs. Shannon Fogl"


  1. Very well written, Shannon, and I hope it gets the consideration it deserves.

    I found you through Backyard Chickens and I've added myself to your followers list. Good luck.

  2. Hi Barb, Thanks for wondering over. I would like to think I'm making a sliver of a difference out there. Whats most important is just informing people, amazing how many people just don't know... whether because they don't want to know, or they have been left in the dark their whole lives'.