Monday, September 20, 2010

Trying New Mixes!

I've been creating jam as if its going our of style! All this wonderful produce coming in and I just can't help myself by making some of my favorite flavors ever while I can. I've put together apple and pear and set it off with a bit of vanilla... I've got some dried cranberries and re-hydrated them in some fresh hot apple juice I made from some of those cortlands, I whipped up a new batch of Cantaloupe and ginger with the last 2 cantaloupes of the year, and today I am taste testing a new flavor 'Mojito' a combination of lime, mint and rum. The limes are imported organic, and the rum... well, its good rum, and the mint is from my garden of course.

So its been a busy busy couple of days around here! Just wanted to share what's been going on. Time to get back to canning.

Cran-Apple Jelly

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