Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I warned you!

I've been so busy working, getting the garden ready for another attempt at fall planting and getting the jars to the State Fair for competition that I've been neglecting my blog audience. Accept my apologies please?! Give me 2 weeks and I'll be back on the ball... I promise!

P.s. - I transplanted the grape vine cutting into its own bed by our driveway fence last week, its finally big enough to be transplanted. I also planted 70 onion bulbs and 100+ gloves of garlic since Saturday. I have MANY more to go, and getting ready to build another raised bed.


  1. Its definitely going to be one of those months! Next Monday I have to bake a Pork pot pie to have to the fair at 8am for a food competition. Then the 20th I have to have my silkie rooster up there for his competition. Before that I have to bathe him, he's pretty yellow right now! Its kinda overwhelming, but its exciting. I hope to come home with at least 1 blue ribbon, though my daughter is demanding a purple 1 (best in show). I'd take a couple of those as well!!! Hahahaha