Thursday, October 14, 2010

Just a Wee Bit Tipsy.

Well make sure you're on my Christmas list this year, I'm gifting the naughty to the nice! Back in August, if anyone remembers, I started taking fruits and soaking them in vodka to create our own fruit schnapps to give as gifts. (Link to the original post here: Fruit Liquors )

Today I have used the bottles we've collected, sterilized them, filtered out the fruit (which were yummy from what I tasted), and poured into the bottles to gift. A couple were sweetened with a homemade sugar syrup so they could be drank as a cocktail. The rest are pure fruit and liquor and are great straight up, or as a mixer.

Not that I have a lot of time lately, but I needed the jars the fruit were fermenting in. I do think 7 weeks was plenty though for flavor. Some sites said as much as 4 months... some said only 4 weeks. I would say 2 months is about perfect using pint or  quart jars, which is what we used here.

I must say " DO TRY THIS AT HOME! "


  1. Those sound awesome! I've been a good girl this year!! ;-)

  2. I expect you are going to get a lot of invitations to christmas parties this year - because of your bubbling personality of course :)

  3. LOL... this friendship can be bought guys! Hahaha... got a nice silkie pullet or 2 you wanna trade? ;)

  4. What biscottiqueen said.

    Those are fantastic looking.

    Not too pretty to drink though...

  5. I promise these are NOT too pretty to drink by any means. Its going to be so hard to just give them away though! LOL