Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's not fair!

I'm a little bummed... so far I have entered 12 competitions at the NC State Fair and walked away with NADA. (To the best of my knowledge, there is an issue with the jarred goods and when we went to look to see who won, the names were all covered up.) Tomorrow is my last entry... my sweet White Silkie Rooster 'Alpha'. I'm hoping he's my ticket to my last chance at a ribbon! If he wins, I will be buying him a nice new lady to make me blue ribbon chicks!!!!

Go Alpha!!!!!


  1. I have never seen a Silkie rooster, that's amazing. He's beautiful, I hope he wins!

    Tania : )

  2. That's the best rooster I've ever seen, and he definitely deserves some sort of award. He's awesome.

  3. He's really cool! Good Luck...fingers crossed for you!