Friday, December 10, 2010

Garden Neglect

We've gotten so busy with our stores... baking & woodworking... that the garden had gotten covered in snow last week before I got all the veggie out! I still have dozens of heads of cabbage, radish & lettuce I hadn't gotten out yet. Some of the cabbage seems fine though, and since its going to be back in the 50's and out of the teens here shortly... I hope they survive & give me a little more growth.

I picked the lettuce yesterday, a lot of it was bruised, but a few heads still had tender leaves. I think I have enough for 1 family salad. Thank goodness :)

I can't remember us ever being so cold in December or having snow this early in eastern/central NC.

Things I still HAVE to do in the garden to be ready for spring:

Till over the empty beds
Lay hay on the strawberry patches
Lay hay on the onion & garlic beds
Break new ground for the new 50' garden plot we have planned
Clear out the over growth near the pond where I want a new wildflower patch

These things will not wait for spring for me willingly. Especially when I have a feeling the strawberry crops in the spring or the surrounding farms may not be ready as early as they used to be. I have to depend on my own berries for Jam. :)

Will go out and photo everything this weekend so you can see how mother nature has beat on my garden beds this year.


  1. we planted out first garden this past year and are planning on expanding our plot too. I think things are the same all over as far as weather trends, we're in the SouthWest corner of Canada and are expecting our coldest winter on record.

  2. Good luck on getting it all done. Mine is covered in a foot of snow and I have accepted the fact that I will just have to wait til spring. I'd love to see photos :)

  3. Thanks for the comments... we still haven't finished what we have hoped we would. The one day I had the afternoon to do it, it poured and poured out. :p

    I am supposing by tomorrow, if the winds die down, I may have an hour to take care of the strawberry beds. Thank goodness they are perennial here.