Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wand - Wizard Gift Set

Now available for your Harry Potter Fan for Christmas. Hand carved natural hard wood wands. Each coming with details on its materials... each one different! You could get yourself a 10 1/2" Walnut w/ Dragon Heartstring Core or an 11 1/4" Elder w/ Unicorn Hair Core. Stains ordered from oak, walnut & cherry. Some with delicate carved handles, and some with the woods natural curve. (All actually made from natural pear tree hard wood)

Each purchase comes in a gorgeous fabric bag with material tag, AND a "Hogwarts School Acceptance Letter w/ attached School book list for 1st years" - Addressed to your child; Dear Mr. (Your son or daughter's name here).

What a magical gift!

All for $25 + Shipping

Get your order in now before they are gone... and you may have to wait until you're a second year wizard!

Here are some sample pictures of what you could get! (Fabric bag colors vary, and you don't get to chose.)

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