Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Harry Potter Wizarding Wands

It took a little longer then expected... but Brian and I worked on these wands today, trying to doing something similar to the wands from the Harry Potter Movies.

We stained them up in different shades, and the pear wood we used looks gorgeous.

I think if we had better weather here today we could have done better quicker. However, the winds have been whipping bad. Its barely 5pm, and its already getting dark... so maybe tomorrow he'll get more done.

I have boxes still to pack for orders, so the reality that the holiday is coming is setting in. To bed early this evening we will be going!

These wands are available for sale:


  1. I think these are fabulous! Your asking price is right on too.

  2. Thanks... someone asked for a custom one, and we made a few so they could pick what they wanted. Those 2 above are available :)

  3. How fun!

    We just saw the new movie over the weekend...I really enjoyed it and the books are great!

    What a great gift for the Harry Potter fan!!

  4. Hubby and I are thinking of working on more... but I'm going to photo these better now they're dry and put them on his site for sale: