Monday, February 21, 2011

Things To Be Done Today!

Today, getting up to 75 degrees, so I decided to go out and do a few things.

I had a pile of horse manure from last summer that has sat and broken down since then to a beautiful black pile of goodness, so I used that to fertilize the fruit trees. Its a bit windy today, so I opted not to spray with Neem oil until the winds die after 5pm. I also turned more compost into an empty bed and planted peas & brussel sprouts (in a good spot on the east side of the house where they will get sun until about 2-2:30).

Its been so gorgeous... its making me feel like spring, but I know its not quite yet. roll

Though the flowers are surely fooled... daffodils are blooming everywhere, and there are buds on several trees swelled to the blooming point.

What blew my mind yesterday is I noticed the leaves on the weeping willows have returned and the swaying branches look like perfect whips of green all around the pond!

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