Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cold Days and Warm Bread

What to do when you wake up to snow, and cold temps... again!? You just bake bread! So I figured today would be a good day to fill our freezer with bread for the up coming week. Right now I have more sour dough rolls going, then I'll do a loaf of italian bread (perfect for sandwiches) and a load of rye.

I did some rye yesterday, and they came out flat. They crashed in the oven after the second rise. I am unsure what that was about, I assumed it was the yeast, so I bought another container of fresh yeast yesterday for today's baking adventure.

If anyone can think of what it could have been, let me know!?

I will return with pictures as soon as my piles of warm yummy breads are done....

Cold days are good for something huh? :D


  1. We just love reading about bread baking, which reminds us - we must learn!

    We have tried baking foccacia - which on the first attempt had to be scrapped, but we are getting there : )

    Please drop by our blogf - we make pillows:

    With warm wishes on a cold day!


  2. I thought bread was more complicated then it was. Then I tried the simplest of recipes and learned the 'techniques' first. Then slowly I tried the more complicated recipes and they are coming out very well after 1 or 2, trial and errors.

    But even if I failed horribly, I love homemade breads so much... I'd definitely jump on a bread machine first chance I got! :)