Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Breed to Try (1)...

Well, I know I have some readers who are hooked on the Chicken Bandwagon like we are. Finally, a pet who doesn't mess up your house, doesn't require daily walks and even gives you food for your family as a thank you! (Compare that to the 'surprise' my dog leaves on occasion... yuck!)

I wanted to give you some ideas of breeds to try if you think about getting into chickens. I hope to offer some good advice in the months to come to help you decide if chickens are right for you, so you can make an educated decision before the spring rush on hatcheries happens!

Today's breed is my choice for people looking for a good 'broody' (Mother hen):

Silkies- Little poof balls who are terrible at producing eggs for eating, but the perfect little hatchers and great moms.Silkies make an excellent pet quality bird, who does well in a family friendly enviroment. Think of these as a choice when you have little ones who will be around the chickens often. Even with that in mind, always provide adult supervision around animals. Warning: They go broody often, many times within a season!


  1. I've got acouple Silkies, 1 rooster & 3 hens. One of the hens goes broody all the time, shes sitting on 1 egg right now, due to hatch sometime this month :)

  2. Gotta love my broody girls... some go broody once a season, a few go broody like 6 times a year! Sheesh!